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Mississippi Lemon Law

What exactly is a lemon law? In the dictionary a lemon law is explained as a law obligating manufactures to repair, replace, or refund the price of motor vehicles that prove to be defective. The Mississippi lemon law is designed to protect consumers that purchase new vehicles. All fifty states in the United States have lemon laws, but each state has different principles and procedures. But how do you know what defects qualify your vehicle, and how do you prove it? Basically, if your car has been repaired for the same defect four or more times and the problem is still occurring, you have a lemon. Of course, the defect must be something significant which substantially hinders the vehicle’s use, value or safety. The Mississippi Lemon Law covers a wide range of defects including but not limited to:

If your vehicle has other defects that do not fall under Mississippi's lemon law, you may be able to make a claim under other state and federal laws that protect owners of new and used vehicles. The best news is that you are not stuck with a defective vehicle. You have rights under the Lemon Laws which are defined by each state and the warranty your vehicle came with.

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